Week Twelve: Back in Business

July 11, 2016, 6:43am

Hello there! It's been a while. Exactly one month ago, I was packing up a moving truck in beautiful Berkeley, California in preparation for my move to Cleveland, Ohio. It seems like a lifetime ago and so much has happened since then.

From Las Vegas, NV... watching Game 5 of the Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA Finals in Flagstaff, AZ...

...with a quick stop in Sedona, AZ... a hike down into the Grand Canyon... sleeping in the car in Moab, UT because the campsites were all full...

...(Moab was nicer during the day)... camping in Gunnison, CO... a beautiful drive through the Colorado Rockies that the moving truck absolutely could not traverse over 10mph... a long, uneventful ride through the Midwest...

...where I found a miserable town with a great name... making it to Cleveland just in time to watch the Cavs win the NBA Finals while secretly rooting for the Warriors...

...then flying immediately back to the Bay Area... attend Tony's wedding.

I'm in Cleveland now, living out of moving boxes and enjoying such perks as my new standing desk...

...and close proximity to Lake View Cemetary, resting place of John D. Rockefeller and a great source of ghost Pokemon.

Which more or less brings us to today, where my girlfriend Lutetia received her White Coat, thus marking the beginning of her medical career.

I'm getting used to the heat and humidity in Cleveland, but I still miss Berkeley and it's perfect sunsets...

...beautiful campus...

...and amazing burritos.

Besides unpacking and setting up my new apartment, I've also been doing a lot of work on this site. Of course, you can't see any of these changes yet but I've implemented lots of backend features like account logins, authentication, and a simple CMS. This is actually the inaugural blog post for the CMS.

The greatest part of being in Cleveland is that there are so few distractions! I'm planning some pretty big things for the site, some more ambitious weekly games, and more. Also, now that this blog is set up, more frequent blog posting. Yes, I really mean it this time.


June 12, 2016, 1:28pm

I'm here blogging from an AirBnB in Vegas. I was planning to continue my game-a-week on the road and thought of many ways to do it, like coming up with a roadtrip game, or a written word puzzle within my blog entries, or some other cool idea. Instead, I decided to be fully in the moment and enjoy the next few weeks as the vacation I never actually had since I started this project immediately after leaving my last job. Plus, once we leave Vegas, Lutetia and I will be camping a lot and might not have internet or appropriate places to whip out a computer.

After my roadtrip to Cleveland, I'm hoping right back on a plane to San Francisco where I'll be a part of a week of festivities for my friend Tony's wedding. The next game should be posted on July 10th but I'll be blogging in the meantime.

Week Eleven: Farewell, Berkeley

June 06, 2016, 3:21am

One week left! This week I tried out a new art style. Taken from my favorite spot in the Berkeley Marina and painted during Game 2 of the NBA finals (between Oakland and Cleveland), check out the game here.

Week Ten: Heads Will Roll

May 30, 2016, 6:16am

As it gets closer to my moving date (June 10), the busier things get. This week's game is a quick game about rolling zombie heads. This game was a test of writing my own 2D physics collisions and seeing how many can run at once. Check it out here.

Week Nine: Choppin' Trees

May 23, 2016, 6:39am

Week Nine is another collaboration, this time with KrisImpossible. to give me a prompt. This is the result.

I'll go over the actual prompt some more later. Right now, it's time to sleep.