Three months in Cleveland

October 04, 2016, 8:06pm

Today marks three months since Lutetia and I moved to Cleveland. Here are three things I’ve done in that time:

GitHub marks days you push code with a green square.

Clearly there’s room for improvement, but work progress has been satisfactory thus far. Here are three more wins from the past three months:

Our apartment, The Roosevelt

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. Temperature and humidity are way down and the sun is shining brightly. Cleveland natives tell me a cold, bitter winter is on its way but for now I’m enjoying the heck out of autumn.

Lake View Cemetery

I’ve been getting in as many runs as possible while the weather’s nice. My favorite route winds through Lake View Cemetery, one block away from my apartment. The cemetery has one main loop and many meandering side paths which add distance and variety to routes.

Lake View Cemetery

I also like running through the cemetery because it serves as a memento mori, which translates to “remember, you’re going to die.” Similar to the Buddhist concept of impermanence, it’s an oft-needed reminder that nothing lasts forever, including the amazing weather and the short time I’ve allocated to work on these passion projects of mine. There have been many tough days and nights in Cleveland but I am very grateful for the time and opportunity to be here. I don’t want to take it for granted, even on the worst days (especially on the worst days) so every morning I rise and grind.

My companion while writing this post

My life here is pretty mundane but filled with moments of small happiness, like enjoying the company of a cat while her owner’s building is under inspection or seeing my coconut oil solidify at the onset of autumn.

Coconut oil turned solid three days into autumn

So with the last three months in the rearview mirror, here are three life goals for the next three months:

And three work goals:

I'm keeping these goals modest with room to achieve and exceed expectation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab some hot pot with Lutetia to celebrate! Now that we have a car our cuisine options have expanded greatly.

Thanks for sending the car, Mom!!!