Kamigawa Sengoku Previews

September 26, 2016, 11:24am

One of my favorite times of year is Magic: the Gathering set preview season. I love reading through set spoilers and design articles, and listening to five hour podcasts analyzing the new cards. Preview season is great and almost as fun as actually playing with the cards. The new set, Kaladesh, comes out on Friday and it looks amazing.

Back in April (Week Four), during Shadows over Innistrad set previews, I posted the beginnings of my own set design: a reimagining of Kamigawa. Last year on my birthday, I asked Mark Rosewater, lead designer of MtG, about the chances of a set revisiting the Japanese-themed world of Kamigawa. The design of original Kamigawa was beset by problems like obscure themes and difficult pronunciation. It also suffered from rotating into a Standard environment dominated by Ravager Affinity decks and not providing enough power to introduce new viable archetypes. Finally, being sandwiched between two of the most popular sets of all time, Mirrodin and Ravnica, Kamigawa is considered to be a creative and developmental failure by Wizards of the Coast.

This week, inspired by Magic preview season, I've come back to my Kamigawa set. I've been exploring game narrative lately and crafted an overarching story to guide the rest of the card designs. In the spirit of preview season, I also posted cards teasing the set mechanics. Check it out at Week Twenty-Three.