Week Sixteen

August 08, 2016, 4:14am

Week Sixteen is up!

My not-so-secret goal for these next few months in Cleveland is to rebuild Equatia from the ground up. These game-a-week projects are meant as mini milestones where I can explore new technology like WebGL or Photon Unity Networking. I spent most of this week working on code for EquatiaLib, so I had a lot of new gameplay to play with. A few tweaks here and there and I was able to turn the game from top-down-adventure to first-person-shooter relatively easily.

The camera for FPS games is actually really tricky to code well. Fortunately, some googling and a little trial-and-error led me to an awesome implementation of an FPS camera that worked quite nicely.

Rebuilding Equatia is pretty slow, careful work and this was a fun opportunity to cut loose and churn out some code without worrying about details like scalability or QA. Like I said in my last post: This first month in Cleveland has been tough, but things are definitely trending up.