Week Eight

May 16, 2016
Unity Web Player | PhotonTest

Unity Web Player | PhotonTest

Unity WebPlayer doesn't support Chrome so if you use that browser, you'll have to try another.

Press 'Q' and click to fire.

Week Eight is a new collaborative experiment! I asked Lutetia to pick a theme for the game this week. She said, "The game should be about a little girl who fights monsters." This is the result.

I asked her at 12:30pm this afternoon (approximately 14 hours ago) during Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals (hence the basketballs) and she was awesome enough to not only help me out with the game design, but also providing art as well. Why did I wait until the last minute? Well, I was working on another really cool game the past few days that I realized couldn't be finished in time. Stay tuned next week to see what that's about.

P.S. If you and a friend are visiting this page at the same time, you can take on the monsters together.